My Gay Toronto - Because I Said So! - Maggie Cassella


Lately I've resurrected an old Facebook game of mine, "Let's see how many friends I can lose?" This game began a couple years ago.

At the time I was playing Vampire Wars. In order to build up a clan, which makes you stronger in the game, one has to add others as friends.

Playing Vampire Wars meant that I had to sign up friends to be part of my clan. I blocked them from seeing my regular wall.  It was when I noticed one of these Vampire Wars "friends" extolling the virtues of Glen Beck and Fox News.

That was it. It was time to get rid of stupid right-wingers I may have collected over the last year or two. As it was during the height of the health care debate in the United States, I thought I'd take down the privacy settings and post status updates such as:
I love Obama...I love socialized medicine, more gun control etc, a woman has the right to choose...etc."

It was kind of fun. I wanted to see if I could piss off a few of these right-wingers. Surprisingly enough I didn't lose too many. That was two years ago, and probably most of the Vampire Wars folks have gone.

It was hard to tell if I lost people because of it, but it sure was fun. I had forgotten about this until I realized I had 2100 friends, mostly people I don't know who are working in the HIV activism world. A world I officially left behind quite some time ago.

I thought, 'Let's play this again."

Since then I have posted the wackiest stuff I could find, The cannibalism has been a favourite of mine. The man eating the face off the homeless guy in Florida, the drunk Chinese bus driver eating the face off of some woman, and then the guy who killed and ate a 30 pound dog.

I don't know about you folks, but I'm starting to see a trend, and it's one that's going to start to contribute the world's obesity problem, although it may be one way to solve third-world hunger.
I posted one story, and then added the comment; I never thought I'd look back at doing Crystal Meth as simpler times when I only stayed up for 148 consecutive hours, fucking and not having an appetite.

"Chinese Zoo Keeper Licks Monkey's Butt to Help Defecate." Is another favourite of mine about a baby monkey who had eaten a peanut that got lodged in the intestines. Along with the article is a photo of this dude behind the monkey rimming away to the face of a happy little tyke.
I blame this shit on gay marriage. It's the butterfly effect.

When you vote down gay marriage in states such as North Carolina, it pops up somewhere else like this. I telling you this is metaphysical shit going on here.

The reason why I'm doing this is that A) it makes for a fun story to tell, B) I like to see the reactions, C) I'm tired of being in the serious world of HIV and activism, and am getting bored with those who make this their life's mainstay.

The ironic part of this is that when I started posting all this crazy stuff I had about 2,100 friends and now I'm up to approximately 2,500.

My next strategy will be to start pretending I've gone to the dark side of being a Conservative.  I think that may have better results.