My Gay Toronto - Pumped


by Jay Quarmby

So you're less than two weeks away from Pride, and last week you decided that perhaps you should start going to the gym again after you took a little Christmas and New Years break.

All of sudden it seems like everywhere you look there are muscles, tans, tank tops, veins, bulging biceps, hell even the guy next door is looking way more ripped than last time you saw him!

Jay Quarmby - Personal Trainer
Southern Cross Fitness

Realistically you know that doing cardio twice a day from now till the long weekend and eating small pieces of cardboard three times a day isn’t going to turn you into an Herculean god figure; you had promised yourself that this Pride was going to be The’s worth a shot isn't it?

There are a few simple and effective tips you can start today that will definitely make you feel better about yourself and ready to take on all the blood, sweat and tears known as Toronto Pride Weekend!

1. Drink lots of water!

Put down the Martinis for at least a week or two, drinking as much water as you can will help speed up your metabolism and flush your system of toxins and even a small amount of fat! Not to mention your skin will look the best its ever been.

2. No white carbs after 5pm!

Try to remove as much of the starchy white carbs as possible from your diet, things like bread, rice, pasta and potato. Your evening meals should be as basic as possible. Pick some sort of protein like chicken or fish and then a small serving of two kinds of vegetables. This will reduce that bloated feeling in the morning and after a week of eating like this, you will feel not only leaner but your waist will be visibly smaller.

3. Sleep, a full night of sleep!

Your body does its best work while you're asleep, so spend the next two weeks getting to bed at a decent hour, 8 hours of sleep is ideal, let your body react to the extra cardio, or hard workouts you are putting it through. Sleep will reduce your stress levels ie. cortisol which is one of the biggest inhibitors for fat loss and body change. A full nights sleep will also allow your skin to rejuvenate itself as well.

And the most important tip of all:

Call up your friends and tell them how excited you are to spend Pride weekend with them, because once it hits Friday afternoon, and you clock off from work, and crack open your first beer with your besties, all the stress and anxiety is instantly forgotten.

And fuck it, this year I WILL take my shirt off!