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Sports Drink Disaster


Sports drinks are one of the most heavily consumed forms of liquid either before working out or before a game. The problem is, outside just a few brands, you are essentially getting served up a bottle of straight sugar water! In this video, I compare three popular sport drinks regarding their nutritional value and which is best if you decide to drink these when training or playing sports.

Some sport nutrition and workout drinks are clear about how much sugar is in their drink. Other brands try to be more deceptive about this by playing with the serving sizes. You may notice that on the side of the bottle that your sports drink says there is two servings in one bottle. Almost everyone that consumes these drinks never stops at half the bottle! They drink the entire thing. Well, if you do this, the nutritional content you thought you might be getting is far different than what you are actually getting.

In the sport drink example I give in this video, a brand is claiming 18 grams of sugar per serving. Without looking more closely you might think that this refers to a bottle of the workout drink. Not so fast. The serving they are actually noting is two times that on the label because each bottle contains two servings. That means that the sugar content is actually 36 grams!! That's 9 teaspoons of sugar.

You may not be familiar with just how much sugar that really is, so I made sure to scoop out 9 teaspoons for you into a glass so you could better visualize it.

The bottom line is when it comes to sports nutrition drinks and sports drinks in general, you're not always getting what you think you are. It's often a far different picture. If you're drinking these thinking that you are doing a great thing for your workout, thing again.

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