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9 Workout Mistakes

A huge number of guys make simple, costly mistakes every time they work out. Here are the nine most common reasons your workout may not be 100 percent effective, and suggestions on what to do to fix it.

Warming up muscles with cardio
The best warm up is physical rehearsal. It is preferable to go through the motions you will be performing during your workout to warm up the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

Skipping the dreaded leg day
Training legs, a massive muscle group, with compound movements like squats and deadlifts releases huge amounts of muscle building testosterone! This is exactly what your chest and biceps need on their day off.

Not training to failure
The last one to two reps before failure is where the magic happens. Training to failure is critical if your goal is to add solid amounts of lean muscle.

Not training with a “full range of motion”
You may have seen it: an average guy, 800lbs on the press, six inch push. Training your ego only inflates your ego and leaves your body average. Not completing a full range of motion results in strength development only at the top end of the exercise. As well it can lead to injury from uneven strength development in your tendons. Use a weight that you can move through a full range of motion without breaking form. You’ll get bigger and it’s less likely you’ll get hurt.

Doing Shrugs to Build Traps
Large traps are built from deadlifts and rows. Why? The traps have a transverse origin and insertion point so raising the clavicle upwards has no effect on the entire muscle.

Copying “Pro Bodybuilders”
It’s very easy to confuse bulk with knowledge. Professional bodybuilders who take performance enhancing drugs and have elite level genetics can get away with almost anything in the gym. And remember, the training programs popular bodybuilding magazines are usually ghost written and are not the pro’s actual routine.

Locking Out
Locking out takes tension off the working muscle. It’s very important that you do not pause at any point during the movement. What matters is not how fast you move the weight, but how fast the muscle moving the weight contracts. *Note: triceps are the exception to this rule.

Not Doing Cardio
Building a lean and muscular body requires more than heavy lifting. Cardio is an important part of your overall conditioning, even on a mass gaining program. Cardio keeps your body fat in check and your metabolism up!

Zero Intensity
Showing up with no energy, a bad attitude, and no desire to lift will simply lead to a terrible workout. If you are not dialed in and ready to rip you might as well pack it in and go home. Intensity is what separates the men from the boys – and it’s what guarantees results