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Testosterone Boosting Diet - Part 1

by bluestarnutraceuticals

If you think the only way to boost test levels is by using harmful and illegal substances like steroids, you are sadly misinformed.

Perhaps you have been listening to the wrong advice of a local gym rat steroid supplier. Many of today’s bodybuilding nutrition programs are designed for cutting phases, and are not necessarily designed to gain slabs of muscle or jack up your testosterone levels. In fact, low calorie diets can actually hinder your body’s ability to stimulate the release of important hormones, which play key roles in converting cholesterol into testosterone. What’s more low calorie diets can reduce the activity of the enzymes in the testes that accelerate testosterone production.

There is a fine line between eating too little and too much! The key is to determine the correct amount of calories for your specific body type that will increase testosterone levels, and stimulate the pathways of muscle growth, while also maximizing your fat loss potential. The simplest way to do this, use the diet plan below to help you figure out your optimal number of daily calories, and how many of those calories should come from protein, carbs and fat. This diet takes into consideration your body composition or ‘Build’, so be sure to select the right one! Then simply follow the 7-day meal plan provided.

Determine Your Daily Calorie Needs

Choose the ‘Build’ that describes you best than calculate your appropriate daily calorie range.