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The flab on the waistline reduces our activities. Our metabolism gets to the worst mark possible, and toxin concentration in the body heightens as the metabolism is not geared up to fight them. More than this, with the fat incessantly accumulating, the chances of cardiovascular diseases and Diabetic syndromes begin to loom large.

If you want muscles, you have to claim war on junk food. You will not and cannot achieve the muscles you want if  you are eating mostly fatty or sugary foods.  For you to make sure that your workout will only include building muscle mass and not flab, you should eat healthier.

Cardio and hoops exercises, and constant activity, let a person tone their abdomen, keep them in shape, and reduce the excess spread of flab. Such exercises increase our overall stamina. If they include the acupressure regimen (like hoops), then they turn out to be good for the nervous system as well.

Don't waste your time! Weights provide no additional benefit to your abs. Abdominals will never bulge like the leg or pectoral muscles will. Abs "barely" increase in size when you train them. To get your abs to show up better, you have to sculpt them. The sculpting of the abs is done through strip-away-fat dieting, not heavier weights!

Most people don't work out long enough to burn even half of the calories they ate. The unburned excess will more than likely become fat. You can combat this problem by routinely eating small meals and working out with very little in the stomach. It's okay to eat fattening foods, but try to do it in moderation.

So abs or flabs? More active you are, more chances you'll get to  burn calories, and make those muscles visible...

Take a moment and think about guys around you who are sexy with hot bodies.

Are they couch potatoes or constantly active?
Do they eat pizza 3 times per week or 3 times per month?
Do they drink 2L soda per day or per week?
Do they workout  once a week or almost every day?
Do they eat French fries or ice-cream 2 times per week or 2 times per month?
Do they drink  4 beers or every weekend or one 4 beers per month?
It is all possible. Question is how bad do you want it, and how strong you are to stay away from unhealthy choices?