My Gay Toronto - Pumped


We all know that music plays very important role to our everyday life. We listen to it when we are happy or sad,  we use it to calm  us down or  pick us up, to make us cry or laugh.

Is music important for a workout  or might it be a distraction?  It is very important for a work-out and, if the right kind is played, it can make your results better. The importance of music and controlling emotions in our life also plays a very crucial part in working out as it can stimulate us to be more productive, put us in state of mind to help us go through tough sets, and boost our stimulus.

Out of this answer comes the most logical question: Is there a right type of music you need to play? Well, yes and no. There is no real secret as to what kind of music you should play for your workout, except that certain music that puts you in a certain mind space should help you accomplish your desired workout routine. Most of us prefer upbeat music tempos, especially for doing cardio work-outs, and avoid slow music or classical, but that does not mean slow tempo music might not work for some people.

I have to mention my personal pet peeve that makes me cringe: newspapers, books or magazines, while on the treadmill, bike or any other cardio machine.  Really, these do not mix well with cardio or working out, period, it really does not help you to stay focused, so please avoid it and stick with your favourite music while keeping your mind on your breathing, body posture and hydration.

Grab that iPod or iPhone and hit the gym.

P.S. Note: TEXTING, EMAILING or TALKING on the cell phone during a workout, unless you own your own gym: definitely not cool.