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Daily Health tips to remeber

Singing - When you sing your heart rate goes down and lowers your stress level. Why? because you have to control your breathing in order to do it.  It's a very easy and simple stress-reduction technique.  Grab your iPod and start singing for your life!  Make sure you skip this tip when doing hard lifting or at gym, unless you are the next X factor superstar.

Be aware of your waist size - Your waist size is probably the simplest way to tell if you are oversized or not.  When you measure your waist, put measuring tape around your waste in the line with your belly button.  If your waist size is over 37" inches you are probably overweight.  If your waist size is over 40" inches you're in a danger to be obese, and you should probably talk to your doctor about it.  You do have to take in consideration your height as well, which makes a difference if you are 5.5 and your waist is 37" or if you are 7.1 and your waist is 37". One call for an urgent meeting with your doctor, and the other not at all.

Multitask - Talking is great for you and your social life, so try to talk while you are doing other things with someone else. Talk while you gardening, wash dishes, cooking, painting, walking, shopping.  Anything you can do with your partner/friend together that is not too difficult, and once you focus on that task it is much easier to start conversation. This technique is very good when you are with quiet friends who do not talk as much, as doing something together will start conversation topics and at the same time make other task you are doing easier. 

You might want to skip talking while watching movie, as most people like to watch movies without added soundtrack. I am guilty of this, as I feel that not adding comments while watching movie is just not social enough for me...where are my manners!

Walk - Being very unfit can kill you. If you are the least fit person in any group of 5 people, you need to do something about it.  Getting yourself out from the most unhealthy 20% of the population will prolong your life and lower your chances of dying prematurely.

How can you exercise if you are unfit? Obviously you will not start with a marathon or bench-pressing. The easiest way to do this is to walk. Even if you walk very slowly at 2mph and walk only 6 miles per week, it will reduce the risk of heart problems by third.

When meeting your friends for social life, do things that involve activity: walking, shopping , visit museums, galleries... anything else beside the things that do not require activity like: watching movie, restaurants, libraries,  skype, etc.