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A Few Common Fitness Mistakes We All Make!

'I'm Starving, What is For Dinner '- Eating 3 meals per day is big mistake. Eating more smaller meals a day does much better for your metabolism. When we starve, our body tries to secureenergy for essential body function processes, and when food arrives, any extra leftover will be converted into fat for rainy day. Alternatively, when you eat more often and smaller meals, your body knows that food is arriving regularly and is likely to burn more calories and not keep less in reserves. It is very important to be careful about portion intake, as I am not suggesting 6 normal-size meals a day. You have to retrain yourself to think of 'meals' as 'snack times' and not think of having a nice big lunch or dinner after the work. I still make my 3 regular meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I put food on the plate BUT I only eat half of what is on the plate, and the remaining half I eat in 2-3 hours. Essentially it is same amount of food intake as you did before but your body is not storing it as a fat or being wasted. This way you will have 6 snacks per day without fat sticking on to you, but what is more important you will always feel full as the food is coming up every 2-3 hours.

'I want big arms - I will do as many sets as I can' - Depending on your physical  fitness, if you are beginner of advanced lifter you do not necessarily have to do set after set after set to get best results. In fact 45-50 minutes is optimum training time for a weight session as you can maximize all that energy for that session rather than going out for hours, especially on one big muscle part. Quality of reps and sets are much more important. Instead of doing short jerked doing longer resistant and controlled movements.

I do 400 sit-ups every day - why don't I have six-pack?  Everyone wants to have six-packs, however doing abs exercises and  crunches completes only 40% of your task. The other 60% is proper food intake and cardio. You cannot be eating 10,000 calories per day and expect to have a six-pack. Ab muscles work a bit differently from other muscles; when you do your sets you should rest only 6-10 seconds between sets, that way you will get maximum out of your workout.

I want to lift those big weights -  We've all witnessed guys trying to show off and lift thoseheavy weights or talk between guys how much they can bench press etc. Most of the time guys will try to compare themselves with others in terms how much other person can lift, not realizing that we are not all coming from the same background, commitment, expectations or desires. You might be comparing yourself with a pro or the guy who's been working out for the past 10 years and is very disciplined. It REALLY doesn't matter how much weight you lift, if your posture and your technique is not correct, you are doing more damage to your body and calling for some serious injuries. Always think of quality over quantity. Weights should not be too light but at the same time not to heavy that as will ruin your posture or cause injuries and interfere with proper breathing.

If I eat a lot of meat, I will have bigger muscles and less fat - You have to have proper education when it comes to food: even though a lot of people are avoiding vegetables and salads, the truth is that these are foods that have a lot of nutrients that will help synthesize protein that we take by eating meat. By not taking nutrition correctly and not taking proper proportions of protein, carbs and fat, it will ultimately help you or not with your workout outcome. A lot of your workout outcome in the gym will be not optimized if not eating the right foods, the right amount of food or the right selection of the food at the right time.