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There are two different types of gyms:  corporate, a gym that has several locations under one name, and boutique, gyms that are usually privately owned and only in one location.  There are pros and cons to each.  If you have a job where you travel, or live and work in two separate areas of the city, it’s probably better to join a corporate gym.  Usually you’ll find that there is at least one boutique gym in your area; if there are more, take a look at them all before deciding.  Remember, it is important to find a place where you feel comfortable; at most gyms you can get a membership from a day to a week for free without signing up, or for longer with the option to cancel before a certain date before you’re locked into a membership for a year. 

Memberships are tricky so be very careful:  make sure you understand everything before you sign.  Corporate gyms have less haggling room when it comes to fees because they’re mandated by the executives, while boutique gyms tend to give you the best deal if you ask for it.  Some gyms will offer certain amount of time free and low rates per month to get you in the door. The average rate for a membership is around $60.00 per month.  Sometimes you can get a better rate if you pay the entire year at once.  The downside is that if the gym should close before then, you’ve lost your investment.  Look at purchasing your membership as a long term investment, understand what you’re getting into, and don’t jump at the first offer.  Salespeople start at their highest and, when they don’t get an immediate response, will work their way down...hold out until they get to a rate you’re comfortable with