My Gay Toronto - Pumped


As a gay man writing a column on a gay website, this must be said:  it’s important to know how to dress appropriately for the gym!

Once you decide to be a regular member at a gym it is essential to have a separate wardrobe that is specific for weight and cardio training.  ‘Sweats’, though comfortable, should not be worn to the gym since they are not at all flattering for anyone.  As you would dress for a night out on the town, out for dinner, or the theatre, and especially going to work, how you dress is crucial to make a good first impression and more importantly, to make you feel comfortable and show how good you feel about yourself.

Companies that specialize in sportswear are best to choose.  Among them Nike, Adidas and Lululemon all have styles that are attractive and comfortable.  They have manmade fabrics that are designed for a wide range of movements and materials that are designed to either limit odours and perspiration or eliminate them altogether.  Gym clothes and shoes are forever evolving and tend to keep up with current trends, styles, colours and are sometimes responsible for setting trends as well.

Since the gym can be a fundamental part of social life, it is a place you need to consider your appearance.  Buying clothes that fit is paramount.  I strongly suggest not to buy gym clothes for the body you want, but for the body you have presently.  As you develop you can buy the clothes suitable to your body type.  You may not develop the body you’d like to have for quite some time, and it would be detrimental to your self confidence and overall progress in training.