My Gay Toronto - Pumped

My Gay Workout
by Bob Manders

Everybody goes to the gym. It's the where you meet your friends, pals, and potential boyfriends.  From the time you enter the locker room, until the time you leave the steam room, the camaraderie is non-stop.

As much as it is good to be sociable, too many guys let their chatter get in the way of working out.  When guys in the gym stand around, and only lift a weight between sentences, it sucks the energy out of the room. It's not fair to you to have to see and hear their gossip fest while you are trying to stay focused on your workout.  No one would dare interfere with you in such rude manner if you were trying to play the piano or paint a picture. In any other activity the act of performing and creating is sacred. So, why do guys who claim they want a better body feel they have the right to intrude their distracted banter upon others in the gym?


Elsewhere the saying is "Time is money"; in the gym "Time is energy".  When you waste time chattering, you also waste the energy to workout. And, by the time you finish talking your have no time to workout. The few sets and reps you do after you have finished talking for the day won't make much difference to your shape and fitness.

Save your time and energy by staying focused on what really matters in the gym: working out. It doesn't matter if you want to build muscle or fight fat. There's no need to work out 2 hours every day just to make a bit of progress. In fact, a good workout shouldn't take more than 1 hour.  

Go in, do it, get it done and go.

If you can stay on that course, you will make better progress than you may have thought possible. The intensity of your workout will improve.  Your muscles will thank you by getting firmer, fuller and stronger.

Stay focused on what is the issue at hand: looking good. Look around the gym. How many guys with bods-of-gods spend much time standing around talking, other than to say Hello, exchange a few grunts, and then leave?  They save their social lives for after the gym.

The best part is that when your body is firmer, fuller and stronger you may find you attract a better class of gym rat. When you act like a serious lifter, and you stay focused like a serious lifter, don't be surprised if you catch a serious lifter's eye. 

Of course, then all your friends in the gym will have lots to talk about.

Our Guest columnist - Bob Manders is a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach. His on-line book "Muscle-Owner's Manual" is due for publication in the very near future.