My Gay Toronto - Pumped


You've decided it's time to join a gym and begin the journey on the road to health, wellness and above all else a smokin' hot bod!  There are something things you need to do first in order to make your journey an easier one.  Don't rush off to the gym and start the process with someone in sales, they're going to give you what seems like sound advice, but is not. 

Think about what is an attainable goal for your body type.  Body type refers to your skeletal structure.  you have ectomorph, which is usually a more slim and fine boned frame (runway model), mesomorph, which is the middle, or medium of the types, and endomorph which is the more stocky frames.  This can be determined with the aid of your doctor or a personal trainer.  Set short term goals for your body:  the average amount of time before you noticeable changes in your body is approximately 3 months. 

I think it very important that you go for a full physical with your doctor, checking on your heart, lungs, joints, muscle tissues, etc.  If you have a chronic illness or have issues with your cardiovascular system, don't sweat it!  There are things you can still do, but go over them with your doctor and pay close attention to what he has to say on the matter. 

As anyone who has been going to the gym for any amount of time will tell you, getting to the gym is the hardest part of the workout.  You want to make it less of an ordeal, so ideally you want a place that's within walking distance of your work or home.  Once you've found a place, look around and take a good look around, at the staff, the clientele, the equipment, the wet area, and locker rooms.  Go on your first instinct as it is most important you feel a sense of comfort.  Remember that it is sometimes intimidating to walk into such an environment and feel comfortable right away, so check it out a few times before you make up your mind to join. 

In the next section of this article I will give you the inside scoop on dealing with sales people and getting the best deal at any gym for your dollar, especially in these times.