My Gay Toronto - Pumped


Summer in Toronto is the optimal time to take advantage of warm weather and take part in a myriad of outdoor activities, such as camping, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc.  Unfortunately, this time is short lived:  it's a time where the need for warm clothes is unnecessary and you may or may not be prepared to show areas of your body through the lighter more revealing clothing. A last minute mad dash to the gym is eminent this time of year, with people having a rather unrealistic goal to strip as many pounds and gain significant muscle tone which unfortunately they don't leave themselves enough time to really accomplish.

Diet can play a large part of this goal if you have a basic understanding of food intake and its effects on the body.  Proteins feed the muscle tissues and carbohydrates give the body energy. To maximize any workout you need both.  Loading up on carbs earlier in the day will give you the energy to get through your daily routine and workout regimen.  If you're trying to lose weight naturally, my rule of thumb is to diminish your carb intake greatly after 3pm to 5pm until bedtime, and increase your protein and minimal carbs to digest the protein.

An ideal diet would be having a big breakfast with such things as eggs, cereal and fruit.  For lunch, salads are great, incorporating tuna or chicken with light vinaigrette dressings--try to stay away from heavy creamy dressings. For dinner maybe some barbecued meats, veggies done on the grill, and rice. If you're fond of desserts, jello, light mousses or small portions of fruits are definitely the way to go.

The summer months are short so get out there, get active and have fun doing it. Create a personal menu that is light and won't weigh you down but will satiate your appetite, and you will find that your summer will be an enjoyable time and you'll have the added energy necessary to partake in some serious seasonal fun.