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There are a wide variety of things you can take to make your workouts easier and more beneficial.  The most common are protein, creatine, amino acids and glutamine.  Knowing the facts about nutritional aids will maximize their benefits.

The most commonly used supplement is protein powder.  Protein primarily aids in the rebuilding of muscle, but simply taking protein powder alone will not help you build muscle.  Ingesting more protein than your body needs will not provide any benefit, and will put a great deal of stress on your intestines. Beyond repairing tissue, protein is also used in the development of blood, skin, bone, and cartilage. The powder is an effective and safe means of building body mass when taken with a steady weight-training regiment and can also provide benefits to your total body fitness. Like any supplement, protein should be taken responsibly and in proper measure. The accurate amount taken daily is one gram per each pound of body weight. They don’t necessarily have to be taken all at once. Space it out through the day, in the morning, before a workout and after. Protein powders are typically mixed into shakes or juices.

Whey protein is the best protein you can use. Whey is a dairy protein that is produced from the making of cheese. The purest form is isolate whey which contains less lactose and fat. Though whey isolates are more pure they will not be more beneficial than isolates in building muscle. You are better off using the isolates more if you are lactose intolerant or have weight issues. The downside to using the isolates is that they’ve had some of the immune boosting properties removed from them during the filtering process and they also tend to be more expensive--if this is an issue than stick with the whey concentrates.