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The 4th and final part of the series, "ROAD TO A BETTER BODY

In the past 3 articles I have covered looking for a gym, getting the best place for your money and work-out basics. 

Now on to “gym etiquette,” what is considered proper behaviour in a gym and/or club atmosphere. 

A gym like any social setting has rules of conduct and, since you're in close proximity with others, with heightened testestorone levels.  With many people, especially in a city setting, only having a limited amount of time to get their workouts done, time at the gym can be pretty hectic. 

Number one rule:  put your weights back when through with them.  Many times you will come across someone who has left all the weights on a machine you'd like to use; don't be afraid to ask them to remove them if they're done.  This is a common occurrence and it's best you learn to be assertive right off the bat, as opposed to being bitter about becoming the local maid. 

When someone asks for a 'spot', it means they want you to assist them with the weights, usually a barbell they're using.  Before you do this make sure you know how to spot them, don't be afraid to ask if it's your first time  Also, ask them how many repetitions they're going for.   

I would suggest not sitting on the equipment if you're not using it:  stand up and stretch, which is not only good for the muscles but will prevent anyone from being annoyed.  If you find yourself in a situation where someone is sitting on the machine, the least confrontational way to get on there is to ask if you can "work in",  meaning do a set of repetitions while they're waiting/resting.  The general rule is that you can wait between sets the same amount of time that it takes 2 people to do their sets of 10 without cooling down too much.  Sometimes you'll find people doing super sets, meaning they're doing reps with brief rests in between.  It's best to move on to another machine or wait until they're done since they will be a while. 

I have shared with you the wisdom of someone who's been doing the gym game long before they were a personal trainer.  I hope these tips are of some service and help you on your road to a better body. 

- Emery Post