My Gay Toronto - Pumped


In this segment I will be covering body types and how knowing your body type to better understand how you are able to naturally develop while weight-training.

The three different body types are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

Ectos tend to be of a more delicate build, lean, thinner skin, lightly muscled,  takes longer to gain muscle mass, however an Ecto begins to workout they notice a change in their bodies almost immediately since the muscle is very close to the skin and definition begins to show. Ectos don't need to workout as hard to develop definition but definitely have to eat more protein and carbs to show mass and/or size. Overall being of an ectomorphic body type is beneficial to those who, for example, work in television since their bodies look ripped and really defined.

Mesos are the medium or middle body type, and they tend to develop muscle easier, have thick skin and excellent posture.  On the downside they can gain fat more quickly then ectos. They tend to have good builds easily when working out, both with definition and mass but over time, if their program and diet stay the same, they can develop more cellulite as they become more mature.

Lastly, Endos tend to have softer bodies, underdeveloped muscles, sometimes a round physique, and find weight loss difficult, but can gain muscle easier than a mesomorph. This body frame can take on the appearance of being overweight or, on the positive side, more muscular depending on how much they work out and how their diet is. It is important that the endomorph constantly regulates their diet as not to eat too many carbohydrates, sugars and/or calories, and balances it out with loads of protein as to keep the body free of cellulite and high in muscle mass.

In the next segment I will be covering different types of exercises and the muscle groups they benefit.