My Gay Toronto - Pumped

Into My Arms
by Bob Manders


Today we are going to discuss everybody's second favorite muscle: Biceps.

The sight of a thick mound of meat hanging on a good looking guy's arms will melt even the pickiest man-snob. Don't you just want to reach over and rub it, stroke it, and make it twitch and flex? And when it does flex for you, it's like jello on springs one moment, and then hard as a hard-on the next.

Every guy in the gym wants bigger arms. It's an obsession for good reason. Big arms look good, but also make every other body-part workout better. You are only as strong as your weakest muscle. Don't let that one be your biceps.

I want to give you a taste of what to expect when you really do decide to get serious about getting into biceps. It's up to you to make the effort. You will enjoy the results, so don't shy away from the process.


The "Sweet Spot" is the same concept as the sweet spot on a tennis racket or baseball bat. The sweet spot is the region of an exercise in which the effort is most productive. The sweet spot is also the region of motion (arm curl) that is the most difficult and painful to do. All exercises, regardless of body part, have a sweet spot of their own, and it is up to you to find them. If you don't, you will waste years of possible bicep fun for comfortable easy workouts. The choice is yours.

The sweet spot of a tennis racket is in the center of the webbing, not too close to the frame. On the baseball bat it is in one are around the center, not too far out, or close in. While doing arm curls the sweet spot is the central 2/3, not the absolute top or hanging at the bottom. In the mid-range of motion, your bicep remains under tension the entire time. You will get deep tissue burns fast and the pain will be intense. That's what you want: pain and burn. Most guys instinctively avoid such masochistic pleasures because they aren't prepared to take that step deeper into their own mind/body dichotomy to find new frontiers.


When you hold a barbell your hands always face front. That's obvious. The same should be true of how you do dumbbell curls. DO NOT twist your fore arms as you lift. Keep your hands facing forward from top to bottom of the rep. You will find this simple gesture instantly painful.  Instinctively, you will want to turn your hands inward to stop the stinging burn. Doing so eliminates the flex tension on your bicep and reduces the efficiency of you workout. Your biceps will scream for mercy as you pump them through the sweet spot. Show no mercy:  pump them like you hate them, and they will come back for more.


Most guys will hate what I have to say next. Grab a tissue or a stiff drink if you need to. USE LESS WEIGHT. Take the 45 lbs plates off the bar and put on 25. Put the 65 lbs dumbbells back on the rack and grab the 35. You heard me: use less weight. The first three sets should be done in the mid range of motion, keeping your hands facing frontward, and the best way to do that is if you are lifting the right amount of weight. You are not as strong as you may think when you do it right. With too much weight you are only flattering yourself as you cheat each rep.  Cheat on your boy friend, not your biceps.


I use the term "Bulldog" to describe your last set, to finish off your exercise. "Bulldog" means you have my permission to cheat in any way you want to pump out as many reps as you are humanly capable of.  Ignore everything you have read and go for broke. Increase the weights, and let the muscles go.

Have fun. Your arms will be pumped like never before and grow willingly. Now, ain't that a sweet spot.

Bob Manders is a personal trainer and bodybuilding coach.
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