My Gay Tortonto - We Recommend

SyFy Channel & Comedy Network

by Lee Fancy

We all remember Jaleel White as the beloved nerd Steve Urkel from "Family Matters. He is back as host of his very own game show called , "Total Blackout." on the  Syfy Channel. But you can watch it on the Comedy Network here in Canada.

In this extreme game show, contestants battle each other and their fears in a series of elimination challenges that they must play in total darkness, as they vie for the $5,000 cash prize. There are no lights and no blindfolds, and the players face their fears and unexpected surprises in a series of nerve-wracking games. Four contestants start the game and must survive three, timed elimination rounds.  After each round, the players stand in front of covered holes in the floor and they all jump at the same time. Players with the best times land safely and continue to the next round.  The player who is surprised and falls thru the covered hole, was the player who took the longest to complete the previous task.

They will be asked to plunge their hands into tanks of bugs or food, or everyday objects and identify smells from food to actually someone’s ASS. It’s funny how the gay contestants get that one right off the bat and could not figure out the smell of peanut butter. They also use only their mouths to identify an item or any other crazy stunt. Doing this in darkness your mind would make you think a Teddy Bear feels like a wild animal ready to chew your arm off. Really the laughs comes fast from the contestants' behavior, whether they maintain their composure or not, because the darkness brings out something in all of us."  

This is one of the funniest shows around.