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BRAVO & E Network

by Lee Fancy

Last month, Bravo debuted Kathy Griffin's weekly talk show, seen Fridays at 9pm here in Canada on E network Kathy, and it was not the disaster that such shows' first episodes often are. The format is conversational, with about half of the hour-long show taken up by a pop-culture/current-event chat with Griffin's three pop culture savvy producers. Griffin isn't as showboaty  or funny-hoarding as you might expect; she moderates well, riffs to enhance and gives praise when it's due. The skits were funny and also great and she had a segment with her mother at the end of the show, for those who enjoy the off handed remarks her mom can make.

Granted, there was a lot of talk about the different Bravo shows , which feels like an info commercial,  her typical " tell it like it is " comedy, shows that not even " sister shows" are off limits to a jab or three. Lots of reverence for her "gays", but also in her comedy there is always something for her to teach the guests, like teaching Jimmy Kimmle the difference between a Twink and Otter.
She also sings her own theme song, which clearly shows Griffin was assisted by a freakin load of AutoTune, which she freely informs us is the truth.

The show has been renewed for a second season, which will tweak its format to improve on a good solid season 1 performance.