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"Worlds Deadliest Animals Africa"

National Geographic - by Lee Fancy

Africa’s wild spaces host an incredible array of creatures who engage in a daily battle of life and death. Among those are an elite group of twelve mammals, reptiles and arachnids equipped with an arsenal of predator skills. This episode of Deadly Dozen, the National Geographic Channels newest wildlife series, features twelve of the deadliest creatures found in Africa.

Some deliver poison through needle-like fangs; others use sheer power to seize with deadly teeth. And still others employ their massive bulk in self-defense. Deadly Dozen: Africa starts with a hiss of death, profiling four of Africa’s most dangerous venomous snakes. Then it’s off to where the Death Stalker Scorpion and Spotted Hyena rule with efficient fury. From there, massive conflicts arise when the African Rock Python, Cape Buffalo, and Elephant demonstrate how they defend themselves from predators both natural and human. Next, take a trip to Africa’s biggest aquatic creatures: the Nile Crocodile and Hippopotamus. Finally, the program concludes with a survivor’s first-hand account of that it’s like to come face-to-face with perhaps the most feared of Africa’s dozen: the Lion. Deadly Dozen:

Africa is a thrilling walk on nature’s wild side and an hour of television not to be missed. Showing that size does not matter when comes to being “fierce” and showing who is the boss.