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Get Started: Wine Appreciation by: David Williams

- by Lee Fancy

I have to admit I am defiantly a " beer guy", but on occasion I do like have a glass, or 2 of Wine. However, I do find myself sticking to the same kind all the time,  as I am overwhelmed by the choices and feel a little "Rose Nilan" in the wine store.

So I decided to look for a book, that would make it easy for me to know a little about what I like and could actually go into a wine store and know what to look for. Get Started: Wine Appreciation teaches complete "beer guys" like myself  the skills needed to identify and appreciate wine. Simply start with the differences between key wines, build on your skills with tasting sessions on different grape varieties, and then tell the different wines from different climates and regions.

Each section of the book is richly illustrated and you will soon find a lot of knowledge being to actually sink in. It is presented in a modular form so you can finish one section and then build on it in the next. This is great so you can learn at your own pace.
This is defiantly a, MGT Recommended Read.

published by DK ( and it can be purchased for $12.00 at, Chapters or online through