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the Rough Guide To Men's Health

- by Lee Fancy

Spiraling work stress, junk food overload, and makeover madness all make staying healthy seem a taller order than ever before. The Rough Guide to Men's Health provides you with everything you need to know to ensure your lifestyle isn't at war with your health.

Men everywhere want to improve their health and fitness--and their bodies.. Authoritative, affordable, handsomely produced and extensively illustrated, these 408-page book is the perfect guide to achieving strength, fitness, and well-being. Some core teachings include:

* It does not matter whether you are in the kitchen, the bedroom, the gym, out on the town or simply looking in the mirror there is always an opportunity to take care of your health and plan for a better you

* Life coach strategies aimed at optimizing your outlook so you can feel your best every day and improve your overall performance

* Identifying the causes of health problems and what to do about them.

* Tools to help you get there, exercise, healthy sex and relationships, plus all you need to know on supplements.

A definite must read, your body will thank you.

published by DK ( and it can be purchased for $27.99 at, Chapters or online through