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My Gay Tortonto - We Recommend



So last week I picked up a book to read on my way to work each day and was pleasantly surprised. Gay Men Talk is a book by Tim John Peterson; published by Lulu Press, Over the years as being a Therapist, the author, decided to bring together all the quotes, thoughts and experiences of himself,  as well as people he has come across in everyday life into a collection.

The topics covered are homosexuality, bisexuality, coming out, S & M, bondage and more.  Giving a rough look at some interesting stuff that goes on in the minds of some men, and surprisingly mine also.

I was trying not to laugh out loud on the bus as I read the passages, either because they were so hilarious or just plain crazy or unbelievable. I was surprised or worried when I realized I could relate to a few too many of these “thoughts” and experiences. I would recommend picking up this book and also see just how many of theses you have never experienced or how many you have.