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K9 Couture


Awhile back I wrote an article recommending  a pet store close to me called,  K9 Couture, after a great day shopping for my dog,Charlie. Since then they have renovated the store and it looks amazing. The layout offers wider isles and the products have even more display room that will showcase their products perfectly. .

K9 has a great selection of food  and treats that are much more holistic than the mainstream pet stores and also local products. It's nice to have a very convenient location right on Yonge St, a couple of blocks south of Bloor. There are only a few pet stores in the area and comparing them, K9 offers the best service and selection. And they now offer professional dog grooming, where you just book an appointment and the groomer comes in 3 times a week, very convenient and the price list is also very reasonable.

If you've got a new pet, you may find yourself visiting this store every week and having lots of fun.  And your dog will appreciate the new chew treats and tons of toys and the great selection of coats. Not just for dogs but the store offers products for cats and many small pets.  

Every time Charlie and I walk by the store, he will pull on his leach to go in, even just to window shop, he is very happy.