My Gay Tortonto - We Recommend

Ripley’s Aquarium

Visiting Toronto’s new Ripley’s Aquarium, I was amazed by the whole place. Its great to see new world class attractions still being built here and this one certainly lives up to the reviews and hype. We went on a Tuesday and there were no line-ups and a reasonable size crowd. It took about an hour to go through the whole place.

The exhibits were breathtaking. It is definitely a world class aquarium and even though the price is a little bit high I felt we got my money’s worth - except that I didn't see a single sea turtle. The tunnel exhibit is awesome with a moving sidewalk that gives you time to view, and take pictures of, the exhibit, without worrying about tripping over people.

The restaurant alas is a bit of a joke. I expected a nice cafe with enough seating. Food was boring and resembled a high school or college cafeteria: no real chefs or cooks, just people making chicken fingers, fries and pizza.

There are exhibits where you can touch crabs, sharks and stingrays which was fascinating for us but a blast for the kids in attendance. We will definitely be making another visit, and one of these times, we will find a sea turtle.

Here are some fun facts about this amazing place:

· Largest indoor aquarium in Canada
· Over 16,000 marine animals, including 450 species of fish & invertebrates and one species of reptile (sea turtle)
· 5.7 million liters of water
· 50 live exhibits
· 12,500 sq m (135,000 sq. ft)
· 97 pumps in Toronto
· Over 100 interactive displays
· Marine and freshwater habitats from around the world
· 7 galleries and a discovery center featuring a touch pool

Ripley’s Aquarium is at 288 Bremner Boulevard (right by the CN Tower).  $29.98