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Be funny that way


Every September, Paul Bellini teaches a course in Sketch Comedy at George Brown’s St. James campus. It’s, obviously, a lot of fun but also a great way for fledgling comedians to write and perform their own material. One of the students in the very first class was Mandy Goodhandy, who was nice enough to lend the class her club for the show - real stage experience! (And a big boost to Goodhandy’s comedic career).

Teaching sketch is second nature to Bellini. He learned from the best, having worked with The Kids in the Hall since 1985. Sketch is great because it allows a performer to inhabit any role. Though Bellini likes it edgy, he claims not to allow his class to descend into questionable material. That said, anything goes, in general. Comedic ideas should never be squelched by political sensitivities. (Cue the Caitlyn jokes.)

He recalls the most recent session, “A student wrote an earnest and hilarious sketch about cosplay, associating costumed role-playing with Bill Cosby impersonations. Performed nowadays, it would bring the house down, with or without the addition of sexual assault references. In comedy, timing is everything.”

If you’re interested in the course, check out the web page at: