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Last minute Christmas shopping events:
Christmas Spice

by Drew Rowsome

Each year a group of festive artist elves gather under the benevolent supervision of Kris Petro-Kringle and create miraculous artworks priced for gifting. The works are put on display and sold at Christmas Spice held at the Paul Petro Gallery.

This year's list of contributing elf-artists includes Keith Cole, Dennis Day, Maura Doyle, FASTWURMS, Erella Ganon, Robert FlackAndrew HarwoodWill Munro, Andrew James Paterson, Cole Swanson and many others. The artworks, the gifts-to-be, range from the whimsical to the macabre to the conceptual. All of them are investments: cheap to purchase, they will only increase in value in an overheated art market.

Petro touts, "Cole Swanson's 24 karat gold leaf wishbones," but he appears to also covet Maura Doyle's "unglazed ceramic cum rag hooks." And really, what household is complete without at least one eye-catching and convenient cum rag hook?

As is tradition the tree is decorated by a single artist. This year the tannenbaum is trimmed by Jacqueline Treloar, who has named the fir: "The Primum Mobile of the Ninth Sphere of Heaven in Dante’s Paradiso and the Abode of Angels." She breaks that down into the traditional star being replaced by a chandelier of angels dubbed "A Gathering of Feathered Friends," 70 "fantastical" tree ornaments titled "The Baroque Ball," and an embroidered skirt with additions called "Barbie Doll Angels Tea Party." 

It is a tantalizing triptych of a tree that whispers of high art (and camp) instead of carolling "Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!" and on the surrounding walls is sure to be found the perfect gift to spice up someone's Christmas. 

Christmas Spice runs until Sat, Dec 19 at Paul Petro Contemporary Art, 980 Queen St W.