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Trimming the tree and last minute gifts that are fun, festive, fabulous and frightening:
Retro Festive and Middle of Beyond Christmas Spice

by Drew Rowsome

While the tree at Christmas Spice is a work of art, the one at home can be more problematic. Christmas at its heart is pure kitsch, gaudiness and nostalgia, why shouldn't one's tree reflect that - there are enough overly tasteful queens out there without senses of humour. The source for all things camp and fun at Christmas is Just be warned: you may go in searching for something specific and you will soon be wandering gleefully surfing through a surfeit of solutions to all your gift-giving needs.

Sticking only to tree ornaments, I found Elvii, three different Marilyn Monroes, Paul Stanley (though oddly without any chest hair), a multitude of Grinches, a "Bumble Holding Rudolph" that made my wabi-sabi heart ache with delight, and a "Lederhosen Unicorn" that is one of the singularly most gay thing I have ever seen. And that just covers my own personal obsessions, there are ornaments for every form of fandom (Doctor Who, sports), trash (Sons of Anarchy, man cave) and even flat out commercial and religious. I just had to be careful to pick ones that would not clash with the glitter and flash that are our heirloom and Trixie and Beever ornaments.

And then I found the must-have of this or any holiday season: a Krampus ornament


Inspired, horrified and delighted, I searched further and wound up on where the holy grail appeared; a "Krampus The Christmas Devil Glass Tree Topper." Angels, stars and Tinkerbells might as well retire.

Middle of Beyond has an entire Krampus collection of merchandise to complement their Gremlins, Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Hotel, Cthulhu, Mondo, Zombie, Slasher and Beyond collections. The Krampus sweaters and cardigans are a particularly tasteful antidote to the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend that is afflicting hipsters and the hopeless, the Krampus sweaters can be worn year round. 

In the true spirit of Christmas, I need to get a bigger tree.

Ornaments, gifts and all sorts of wacky and wonderful things are at who ship from Oakville. 

More Goth, edgy and home d├ęcor items are at who promise to ship orders within 48 hours.