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My Gay Tortonto - We Recommend

by Sean Leber

For all the boys and girls who have yet to discover the joys of  True Blood,  this holiday season might just be the perfect time to get in the know.  If you are into twists and turns, sex and murder, the supernatural, fucked-up story lines and amazing screenwriting, this show just might be something to keep you warm and cozy with your special someone this holiday season. True Blood  finished its third season this summer; HBO Canada subscribers will be able to watch reruns until Jan 2011, but make sure you watch the first two seasons before you start working on Season 3.  Amazing screenwriting and a great cast including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard, Rutina Wesley and many others, lots of nudity, hot, hot, hot guys and even some gay characters:  but we do not want to say too much so as to not spoil the fun in watching it.  The less you know, the better.

Ask your local video store for Season 1 of True Blood and start watching it today, I am sure you'll love it.

Happy Holidays!

( True Blood )