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The Organic Home

By Lee Fancy

In The Organic Home, highly acclaimed author Rosamond Richardson challenges the accepted methods of running a home, offering hundreds of tried-and-tested techniques that are not only safe and gentle, but also deliver on performance, are simple to implement, and are affordable.

Natural, safe and healthy living for the home:do you dislike using products that harm the environment but are put off by alternatives because they aren't as effective or will take more time? Find everything you need in this one-stop guide to running a home the natural way. Discover hundreds of tried-and tested techniques that are not only safe and gentle, but also deliver on performance and are cheap and simple. From cleaning and laundry to energy-consumption and DIY, find out how having the best of both worlds is possible.

The author's practical, well-researched advice makes having the best of both worlds possible: a clean, efficient, well-run home that also positively nurtures its inhabitants and helps to improve the long-term health of the planet, too. Plus, pick up what you need using the directory of useful websites or mail order catalogues, then choose a project to suit your pocket and lifestyle. This is a great resource for anyone who wants to be more environmentally friendly.

The Organic Home - published by DK ( and it can be purchased for $20.00 at, Indigo, Chapters or online through