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PLASTIC - by Bil Antoniou

Underwear is fascinating; perhaps the fact that you get to see relatively few people in theirs is the reason why they’re so exotic to the mind.  Perhaps if people regularly get to see you in yours, it means you really know how to party, or you’re a model for Plastik, makers of very snazzy undergear for men.  Like most companies, Plastik sells its product using the delightful assumption that, should you purchase a pair of their bright skivvies, you’ll get what’s filling them in the photo: namely a gorgeous hunk who will sit around naked and never talk.  This dream would be worth its weight in gold, but while it is fiction, there’s no denying that filled or not, these items are worth paying attention to.  Plastik’s designer Shaun Tristan hails from Perth, Australia, where he lives with his partner and from where he launched the clothing line.  He says the brand name is inspired by “cosmetic surgery, the gay scene and modern iconic fashion,” and quite frankly I can’t imagine three things I’d rather to have that close to my genitals.  Looking at Tristan Rogue’s website,, I notice that underwear might be his stock-in-trade (it gets its own section), but the site purports to sell other items of clothing, for those of you who want purchases to display to the general public (those of you who don’t know how to party, that is).  Clicking around, however, I find that the links to “Jackets”, “Sweaters” and “T-Shirts” don’t work, though clicking on “About Us” brings me to a “Coming Soon” notice that talks about T-Shirts and shows a series of pictures of jeans…it appears Tristan is looking to take over the fashion world completely.  I have no doubt he’ll be a success based on his undergarments, which features bright colours and simple designs for a sexy but uncomplicated appeal.  Tristan is hoping to open a retail store in Melbourne, but until then you can purchase his clothing at and “like” it on his Facebook page, where you can see the lovely models up close.