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BLACK SWAN - by Sean Leber

I am first to admit that most of the dance movies I saw in my life did not impress me as much - saying this from the standpoint  of former professional dancer  and yes, this comment  includes classics like Dirty Dancing or Strictly Ballroom that did nothing for me. I know I might sound old and bitter, which might be true for first comment but not for second part.

Originally, I had no interests to see the movie "Black Swan", even though I heard good reviews, but  I still was not convinced enough to drag my ass to theatre and see it.   Finally what did change my mind were the comments of my friends who I know  are not  into dance or musical movies. I took a chance and I was truly impressed by the movie. It is hard to understand the lifestyle, sacrifice  and the drama dancers deal on daily basis. This really hits some of major issues that professional ballet dancers have to deal with. Throw  in there a parent, former dancer with tons of issues that she pushes  onto her child, you get a fucked  up story of modern version of something like Carrie in late 70's.

( Black Swan )