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There's only one contest fabulous, fierce and freaky enough to find the brightest star under the rainbow.

Queer of the Year! Hosted annually by Tourisme Montréal , this year's competition runs from August 7-15, 2011 and it's open to boys, girls and everyone in between, from all over the world . QOTY is looking for queers with personality, talent, a healthy lifestyle, community spirit and sex appeal.

Finalists contestants will fly to Montréal for an all-expenses paid week of challenges (set up at a commercial value of $5,000 per trip), adventure and high-performance fun that you'll never forget. The winner will leave the city with $5,000in cash. But first, they'll have to show that they've got what it takes.

This year's Queer of the Year is hosted by New York comedian Mikala Bierma ( She's a little bit gaymous.

The reigning Queer of the Year is Sean Horlor, a Canadian poet, actor, television producer, columnist and blogger from Vancouver, BC.

You can watch all the episodes from last year here.

Think you've got what it takes? Enter Queer of the Year and you might be one of the five finalists we fly to Montréal to compete for Queer of the Year 2011. Five finalists will be chosen but only one will earn enough points and votes during the competition to be crowned Queer of the Year 2011.