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Being myself in the middle of producing a play, I can vouch for the fact that raising funds for an independent production in Canada is no simple task, so I was happy to help when was asked to spread the word about an upcoming film production that needs support!

Verona is a project produced by Dean Armstrong, best known to TV audiences as Ted’s meth-addicted boyfriend Blake on Queer As Folk.  He has a supporting role in the film, inspired by William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and set on an Ivy League College Campus.  Verona is the story of two young lovers from rival fraternities, set in a small college town wherein young men are groomed for corporate success in all-American hyper competitive fashion.

Verona presents the fate of star-crossed lovers in a society that condemns the very nature of their love.

Brandon Crane, played by John Bregar (Degrassi - The Next Generation) and Shannon Kook-Chun (Being Erica) play star crossed lovers who’s romance tears them from a world of privilege, repression and expectation.  Their courage takes them on a journey of violence and betrayal, bringing them face to face with their own fears.  Together, they embrace true love outside of the worlds that define them. 

Supported by an all star cast including Brittany Allen (All My Children), Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Douglas Nyback (Kit Kittredge:  An American Girl) and directed by Laurie Lynd (Breakfast With Scot), Verona tells the story of true love, epic and undying, relentless as it transcends gender, legacy and time itself. 

This post-modern retelling of the greatest love story ever told brings to light the homophobic/homo-erotic dual nature of fraternity life, its perks and perils. The film in this incarnation was prepared to pave the way for public, private and corporate interest in a full-length feature currently in pre-production. The project is one of passion for all those involved, hoping to present the nature of love in its truest form.

The soundtrack features "Be Free" by Maya Days and is now being sold on iTunes.
A portion of the sales, on iTunes, is going towards the  production of the full length movie and another portion of the sales is going to the Mathew Sheppard organization.. 

As it stands now, Verona is only a 22 minute trailer!

Scene from the film:

Video for “Be Free” by Maya Days, directed by Dean Armstrong.