My Gay Tortonto - We Recommend

Ryan Edmon

By Lee Fancy

Today, as I was checking CBC News on my phone as I do everyday, my news junkie brain was blown away by a time-lapse video by Photographer Ryan Emond, who has captured this city in breathtaking form.

Interviewed by Matt Galloway on Metro Morning, Emond said he gathered the footage in a painstaking series of shoots that combine to create a stunning four-minute tribute to the city, set to music, called Toronto Tempo.

"People are going out of their way to give me a thank you for creating the video and I really appreciate all of that," Emond told Galloway. "It's been special."

This was no small undertaking by any means.  

"I could work for a week straight on a couple of the shots and if there's any movement in an improper way, I have to trash the footage," he said. "It was full-time dedication for two months — a lot of early mornings and a lot of late nights."

He also says that he has been contacted by people interested in licensing the video.  Tourism Toronto would be wise to use this video as a showcase.

"We need to celebrate our city more and stand up for our city and this is a great example of that," said Galloway. and me recommend you all see this video and check out his fantastic video: