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Photographer Andreas Lange: an artist creating with light
By DREW Rowsome


Andreas Lange began studying to be a television cameraman but he got sidetracked with the obligatory necessary introductory courses on still photography. Though he doesn't consider himself an artist, he feels he has a "solid craft" and can't compete with "the Mona Lisa or Michaelangelo's David," he used the catchphrase "Artist in Light" because "without light and thus also without shadows, no picture would arise." Though it is "rare" in his own life, leather and BDSM figure in his work because, "I find it optically exciting. I like the contrast of black leather and shiny metal on naked, warm skin." He tries to "communicate openly" with his models, especially when nudity is involved. "A shoot should be fun, for both - the model and the photographer. I had many shoots, where we laughed so heartily, that no more reasonable posing was possible."

Lange has no official website but he was convinced by a model who wanted his photos shared with the world, to create

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