Visiting Toronto

Visiting TORONTO

Ranked right up there with San Francisco and New York as a vibrant and openly gay city, travelers will certainly find something to do in the eccentric gay city of Gay Toronto. The gay and lesbian population alone hovers somewhere around 250,000 people, and there are two very distinct neighborhoods where Toronto’s GLBT community thrives – Gay Village and West Village. Toronto is more than just a boy’s town, too. Lesbians flock to the city as well given its diverse offerings for women. It is also a hot spot for gay and lesbian weddings; it’s easy to get a marriage license here. One of Toronto’s most notorious GLBT events is its 10-day Pride Week, which is generally held at the end of June. It is one of the largest pride festivals in the world.

The Gay Scene in Toronto

Church Wellesley is by far Toronto’s biggest GLBT neighborhood. Church Street and the area around it has been popular with the Toronto gay community for many decades, specifically following the 1981 Toronto bathhouse raids. You may recognize this area of Toronto if you watched “Queer as Folk.” The show was filmed here for five years. The Gay Village is lined with gay- and lesbian-owned accommodations, theaters, bookstores, restaurants and bars making it an exciting gay scene.

LGBT Scene in Toronto

Home to the annual Pride event and the Church Street Fetish Fair, the West Village is the Gay Village’s edgier, more political little sister. Outfitted with queer bars and funky restaurants, the Queer West Village claims to be more progressive than the Gay Village. Think New York’s East Village vs. West Village.

Hanlan’s Point Beach: Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, Hanlan’s Point Beach boasts a clothing-optional section in addition to a stretch of beach where bathing suits are required. The easiest way to get to Hanlan’s is via ferry, which you can board at the foot of Bay Street at Queens Quay. Then it’s a 15-minute trek to this area of the beach.

GAY Village Map

Pride Toronto Festival

Bursting with enough energy to power a city, Pride “Week” is a 10-day long celebration of queer culture that attracts people of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual identities. Gay, straight, bi, Thai – Pride is all about celebrating diversity. Read more about pride toronto


Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

From humble beginnings, the Inside Out LGBT Film Festival has since grown to become the largest film event of its kind in Canada. Read more about Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

This season, Buddies is featuring another unique lineup of shows and events not to be missed. Here is just a sampling of what there is to look forward to in 2014. See the Buddies in Bad Times.

LGBT Toronto Nightlife Guide:
Restaurants & Dining

Toronto has no shortage of great restaurants for every type of diet, budget, and cuisine. Most restaurants in the city are LGBT-friendly – many proudly so. See our LGBTQ restaurant guide.

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